Cult Of Fake

by Angelspit

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    CULT OF FAKE is Angelspit’s 6th studio album and is due June 6, 2016. CULT OF FAKE uses the harsh industrial percussion sampled from Angelspit’s early albums, but this time Angelspit has mixed these sounds with club destroying beats. CULT OF FAKE is Angelspit’s first album to focus on dance music.

    01 Thanks For Your Cooperation [150BPM]
    02 Eat Volts [136BPM]
    03 Cult Of Fake [128BPM]
    04 New Devil [140BPM]
    05 I Am Trouble [133BPM]
    06 Breath [115BPM]
    07 Out For Blood [148BPM]
    08 Happy Murderland [128BPM]
    09 Sky High [130BPM]
    10 On The List [125BPM]
    11 Disaster Porn [136BPM]
    12 My Little Blade [110BPM]

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CULT OF FAKE is Angelspit’s 6th studio album, set to release on June 6, 2016 – the ten year anniversary of Angelspit’s first full length album, KRANKHAUS.

EBM/EDM club-destroying beats smash against Angelspit’s harsh industrial sound on the new 12-track album, crafting a vicious new thumping hybrid, making CULT OF FAKE Angelspit’s first album to focus on dance music.

"If you’re a long time Angelspit fan you’re going to LOVE this album!"
- Roxxí Wallace, Brutal Resonance

"Angelspit is still cranking out that signature blend of crunchy electronics with an uncompromising in-your-face attitude against banality and societal norms…Cult of Fake is predominantly driven by Von Rock’s singular musical vision, incorporating samples and effects originally utilized on the band’s earlier recordings, ensuring that even after 10 years and six albums, Angelspit retains its unique identity."
- Ilker Yücel, ReGen Magazine

"Anthemic and energetic. Cult of Fake is an impressive release, a worthy addition to Angelspit’s sonic arsenal. It deserves a very high rating for its dancability, intricate composition and strikingly unsettling lyrics which show their timeliness in society today. It’s unlikely that existing fans will be disappointed."

Released through Negative Gain Productions.


released June 6, 2016

Composition, Programming and Production: Zoog Von Rock
Produced by: Zak Vaudo, Brian Doody



all rights reserved


Angelspit Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Thanks For Your Cooperation
Remove your shoes, laptops in a tray
Trade a little freedom for a little safety
Everyone gets a condition, the drugs make it all right
They eat away the problem, then corrode your life
It takes a special rodent, to spread a special plague
And turn a special man into a worthless slave
Round up all the liars, put them in parliament
The people are not crying, just allergic to the bullshit.

I know how you like it
You want to be manipulated
I know how you like it
You want to be manipulated

Enjoy oblivion
Thanks for your co operation
Maintain the illusion
Thanks for your co operation

Erode away the past we become puerile
As thin as memory and manipulatable
So many things to ask, But you’ll lie anyway
The currency of fear makes us all behave
I trust you like I trust my government
The illusion of freedom gets expensive to rent
Control the flock using entertainment
It’s so easy when they’re under educated

I know how you like it
You want to be manipulated
I know how you like it
You just want the Entertainment


Wolf in red, bear with knife
monkey went to heaven, from snake bite

With revenge in their bellies, rifle in their hands
A star spangled banner worn as a head band
They make war to free us from whatever
Cities burn in their wake, soldiers become beggars
Meanwhile back home, education’s in ruin
The war against whatever is starving the children
I got to watch a kill, or I will cancel my cable
Genocide served with turkey and a door busting sale

Track Name: Eat Volts
7am and I ain’t slept yet
Blood on my knuckles best suit is a mess
Dagger, covered, silver stained red
If you play Judas then I’ll hammer your Jesus
Hair gone gore baby hell bent dress
This was the last day ’til I cooked the 4 horsemen
Sing pain and defeat, you know I wrote them?
Virgin sacrifice can I get an amen?

Everything’s alright
Baby just sit tight
Everything’s alright
Baby just sit tight

Idle hands felling up my skirt
The devil’s best champagne with Friday night rohypnol
Bored people thrive, while you kiss the dirt
Welcome to the cult , now you’re patient zero
Sleep ’til January 10
The pantry is full, but I’m resorting to cannibalism
They’ll call you genius when you’re dead
But for now you’re just another self absorbed sleaze bag

Everything’s alright
Smear your head with lube
Baby just sit tight
Stick on electrodes
Everything’s alright
Whimper one last wish
Baby just sit tight
Eat volts as I pull the switch
(Bite down on this)

Here’s some propaganda with a catchy dance beat
Distract the masses lull them to sleep
Underpay the flesh for a robot’s job
Now excuse me, I must report back to Fox

Track Name: Cult Of Fake
I got a job pushing Abramelin
Targeting lost souls from an ice cream van
Scared of the terrorists under the bed
Life is a dream, When you’re on sedatives
Sacrifice sex and magic
Self centred raving of a psychopathic
Reason is eclipsed by faith
Doctrine, guns and Chemical restraints

High priest, Nitro
Propane, Nightmare

Apathy control to major Tom
Where have all the anarchists have gone?
Supreme truth, Heaven’s a lifetime away
But I can reach hell in under a day
If your going to do it, leave something witchy
This is your dream girl, start living it ..pretty
I get knowledge from the void above
Voodoo devotion and lots a drugs

High priest, Nitro
Your gunna make it in the…
Propane, Nightmare
Tragic fantastic in the…

Don’t worry about the bomb no more
You don’t need to worry about the bomb no more
Don’t worry about the bomb no more
You don’t need to worry about the bomb no more
Not suitable for mass production
In a pyramid of debt and frantic oblivion
Then something breaks and you’re a monster
Now shut up and drink the poison

Track Name: New Devil
Those plagues, you got blamed for, Don’t compare,
I splice with my little knife, hell in a protein shell
Bastardized virus outbreak, blamed on nature, whatever
Cut funding to all the expendable heathens who didn’t vote for me
Coz that’s freedom

Time to play
Truth or dare
With the new Devil
Badder than the last one
Spin that chamber

Your famines, more like a fat camp diet
I’ll show you how to starve a nation
Paradise tastes so good, especially when it’s not mine
Everything Tastes better on the other side of the fence
Light it, grind it, deep fry it, snort it, inject it
Stealing is a sin, but consider this remuneration for my gift of democracy
Have a nice day


Tempting Faust, was poetic
When i brainwash, the world dances to my tune of toil, loneliness, and bankruptcy
Your sin is trivial and low risk, it comes with forgiveness guaranteed – where’s the fun in that?
God can’t save us, we killed her,
Our children will betray us, as will theirs, rinse and repeat
All for the unachievable dream of meritocracy
Blow smoke rings and Go to hell…no wait, we’re already here

Track Name: I Am Trouble
They don’t care, the robots are watching they’re bored to death
All they have is standard issue guns and fake evidence,
Take away one more right to protect us from terror
God bless democracy and tear gas, now here comes the horror

Here we go again, the sex, the rock
Once more to the brink, the fall, the drugs
Tomorrow we burn but tonight we be drunk
Zero point zero

Poor get the blame ‘cos they can’t afford a lawyer or good PR like mine
I proclaim a national crisis when they can’t get online
Bred to obey but I wont follow no one without a bigger carrot
This great land won’t be conquered from outside ‘coz it’ll kill itself first

Here we go again, the sex, the rock
Once more to the brink, the fall, the drugs
tomorrow we burn but tonight we be drunk
Zero point zero

I am trouble

Look, listen, kneel and prey
I got the causes you got the rebels
All the monkeys fan the flame
Un-zip the beast, I am trouble

Here we go again, the sex, the rock
Once more to the brink, the fall, the drugs
tomorrow we burn but tonight we be drunk
Zero point zero (don’t give a fuck)
Track Name: Breath
I got you sedated, I got you confused
Blackened eyes sing those red rum blues
Want to be skinned nailed to your wall
One more trophy for my fallen angel

Lead the way my Cherub
Coax me with a powdered kiss
Love remorse and Tarnished
Charmed and twisted by your Devil Breath

Poisoning thine cup with claw and nail
Welcoming lips wrap around the bait
Distill the child, drink my spirit
Innocence falls, red sky splits


Stir in the poison keep drinking
It's the only way to stop the world burning
Stir in the poison keep drinking
It's the only thing that stops the ghosts screaming


It reminds you, That you are wrong
Lead the way...
It reminds you, That you're a freak and alone
Coax me with a powdered kiss...
It reminds you, That you are wrong
Love remorse and Tarnished
It reminds you, That you're a freak and alone
Charmed and twisted by your Devil Breath

Track Name: Out For Blood
Overstimulated Monday
White streaks on your cheeks make the pain go away
Talent relationship management, With a blade
Come to Jesus moment
Place bets, to the death, in the pit
2 bosses enter, one bosses leaves, now we
Downsize, deep dive, you die
We’re going to have to let you go

Out for blood
Making a killing
Put on your best suit
Winner takes nothing

Go team!

Performance enhancement plan
Take two before the fight and you won’t feel a thing
Accountability is for fools
Time to eat your own dog food
Low paid, meat parade , flick blade
Bleach blonde peel back the onion
This ain’t blood sport or violence,
It’s the entertainment you demanded

Out for blood
Making a killing
Meat hook synergy
Winner takes nothing

Dope up the fighter
Scratch a circle on the floor
Employees of the month go in the ring
Went it goes to blood watch the prices saw

Boil the ocean strategy
The means is fear, The ends is money
Entitlement enterprises make war in the office
So slash up your jackets and cut a bitch for a profit

Go team!

Track Name: Happy Murderland
Greed never fails to motivate
All you got is an opinion, and Internet outrage
Gather the herd, show them your song
Teach the wolves how to dance, everybody sings along
Use tragedy for your agenda
What you can not destroy gets death by mass media
Ruin someone, just distract them
Label them a racists or a thug with a gun

Get away with murder
Attack you, Flame you
Hack you, blame you
Destroy you, beat you
burn you, Hate you,
Welcome to…

Happy murder land
Track Name: Sky High
I’m over this
I’m over being over this
I wrote you a song it goes like this
La la la la la, you’re such a bag of shit
I play cutesy, then act like a turbo bitch
I pull your tail jerk your strings, and make you twitch
I give you freedom with a blind fold and cigarette
I smoke the roses, ‘coz I’m the god of selfishness

Daddy’s gunna buy you sky high boots
Stomp stomp stomp another hole in the roof
Follow me home and fuck me in your sky high boots
Stomp stomp stomp another hole in the roof

You won’t snuff me out anymore
From the hip, Through your heart, and slump of the floor
No really, i insist, please fuck yourself
Pretty please with a grenade on top fuck yourself
Everything will be ok as long as you keep buyin’
Inhale, hold it, exhale, stop trying
I don’t want to buy substance from you
Sorry, I thought you were a cop.


Mother won’t approve
But the nuns really like it

Track Name: On The List (She's Not)
Diamonds are to girls
As Blondes are to Gents
If you feel a little ditsy
Inject silicon, for instant substance

Shed your skin, don’t stop
expect regret and disease
I’m gunna Burn you to a Cinderella
Because you are beauty and I am the beast

Pain for beauty

On the list (she’s not)
Track Name: Disaster Porn
Someone bombed somewhere
For some cause or whatever
This justifies the involvement
Insert your country here
Those second world insurgences
Can’t protect their slave trade
Against those left wing radicles
And their terrorist ways

Disaster Porn

Those foreign monkeys
And their religious dictatorships
Need our freedom
Shoved down their necks
Democracy for their elite
Education for their rich
Mass media for their working class
Military service for everyone else


Without that soul crushing job, you can’t afford healthcare
Life is easy when you’re part of the herd

Spread the great disease
All across the world
Facts and opinions
Are interchangeable
While the almighty
Bacon and cheese double anthem
Cable news and freedom fries
Protects us from THEM


Disaster porn
Watch it over again
Learn which side to take from every machine
Disaster porn
Never ever Hear complains
Coz they teach you what to think
But not how to read

Track Name: My Little Blade
Let the storm do the talking

Well If I dress as a woman, and she does the killin’
It looks like I’ll be clean as a bride
I get her to do the murderin’, looks like I’ll be walkin’
With knife and bible by my side
I’m a spirit in a husk, from all those heinous acts
It smells like rotting meat in here
I’ve never been one for the blues, the colour red is what I choose
And all the pretty pretty shades of pain

My little blade
Broken Mirror’s fate
You’re the poison that’s a killing me
My little blade
Broken Mirror’s fate
I got a feeling this will end real badly
My little blade

Lookin’ through slithers of the mirror, self harm and the glamour
I’m dainty as a lady pullin teeth
Your skin it’s disappearin’, stop squealin’ all your fearin’s
I got you bleedin’ like a thief
Sweet piglet you got me purgin’, my moralities are a burnin’
You reflect an image of the truth (praise his name)
Sweet chariot with a machete, now come to daddy
…I am empty, now I’m going to empty you


Nothing can kill you if you’re already dead